I don’t have the time to oversee a building project.

You don’t need to. We take care of everything from designing your property, securing approvals and building the property. Our straightforward quality inclusions packages mean you don’t have to waste time finding and selecting the fixtures and finishes. When we hand over the property it will be ready for tenants to move in.

I only have a set budget, I can’t afford any cost blow outs.

At ANSA Capital we cost out and include everything upfront. The cost in your tender document is what you pay – there are never any hidden extras. You have the security of knowing exactly what your total costs will be at the start.

I have an existing house and land and want to maximise its value

We can design and build a second property on your block, either under the same roof or as a separate building, whatever makes the best use of your land.

I want a secure and comfortable retirement without taking big risks now.

An ANSA Capital home means you can build an investment property without tying up all your assets. All you need is a deposit.

I want to help my children get a start on the property ladder

We offer a range of ‘Two Homes, One Build’ solutions: either two new properties under one roof on the same land, or adding an additional home to an existing property. This means you can help your children without taking a big risk yourself.

I want to use my super to invest in property

We make investing in property through a self managed super fund (SMSF) easy. You can find out more here.

I’ve got one block and need to make the most of it

At ANSA Capital we do continual research into housing trends so we know how people want to live now and into the future. Our expertise can make sure you maximise the potential returns from your land.